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When you become part of Save God's Kids, you're joining a youth-led movement committed to ending the epidemic of Hidden Hunger (child malnutrition) in America so every child can live healthy as God intended. 

The Urgency

Featuring over 20 Children and Teens, as well as the St. Aloysius Church Adult Choir!

6 out of 7 kids are starving for the nourishment they need.

2015 Phytonutrient Study

What We're Doing About It

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Download Your GoBrite Nutrition Programs
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Click to Help Feed a Hungry Child

Every $1.00 provides up to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables for a hungry child.

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Download the Spiritual Nourishment Guide
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Nancy Leville

Founder & Co-Chairman

Kids that you may know and love are starving physically, mentally and spiritually. Only you can help nourish their future.  


Freely you have received, freely give.

(Matt 10:8)

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Our Leading


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Donate today to help nourish a young mind, body and soul

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