Our Youth Team

Executive Team

Nancy Leville

Executive Director

Chiara Estes, RD 

Nutrition Programs

Michelle Leville


Scientific Board

Ward Bond, PhD.
Director of Nutrition Sciences
Chiari Este, RD
Director of Programs & Coaching
Walt Larimore, MD
Director of Medical Sciences

Executive Advisors 


The company has called on a team of passionate business professionals to assist in it's management.

Mario DiFiore: (Management) Dean of the Gabelli Business School, Fordham University

Neil Neimark MD: (Health)

Ward Bond, PhD: (Nutrition Sciences)

Charles Nardi: (Technology) CEO Zudy's, Inc.


Josh Henry: (Programming) CEO Simplify Church, LLC

Melissa Rau: (Youth Strategy) Lead Consultant Ministry Architects


Colette LeBrun: (Finance) Director, Senior Investment Consultant MPC Capital Advisors

Susan Peters: (Public Relations) Director Ketchum Communications

Board of Directors

Nancy A. Leville: Chairman and Executive Director of Global Children's Wellness, Inc., Board of Advisors One World Literacy Foundation

Jose Nino: Founder and President of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. National Executive Board of The Boy Scouts of America

Colette LeBrun: Director, Senior Investment Consultant MPC Capital Advisors

Patrick K. Fay: CFO National Payment Group

Melissa Rau: Lead Consultant Ministry Architects

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