Only 3% of Catholic Teens Read Their Bible Daily

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The Real Crisis in America: Faithlessness

December 17, 2016

The Crisis in Our Church  (Pew Research) 


80% of Catholics leave the Church by the age of twenty-three. (Only 13% ever return)


Half of them by the age of thirteen.  

70% of people in America who were raised Catholic no longer practice.

Only 7% of Millennials are active Catholics.

There is an epidemic of spiritual malnutrition in America and it's destroying a generation of God's kids, while putting the future of our Church at risk.

The following programs were developed to help nourish the soul and bring the word of God to young Christians.

Save God's Kids Helps Nourish the Soul

Excerpt: "Anger"

Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city”.  Proverbs 16:32

SGK Youth Reflection:

"Never forget the power of saying sorry, of forgiveness, of empathy. Ephesians lets us be angry. We can be justified. It is a human emotion. But do not let it force you to sin, do not let the devil tempt you. Every night, give God your daily struggle...." 


Spiritual Nourishment Co-Authors

Alex Difiore

Fordham University (22)

Claire Leville

Sacred Heart University (22)

The I'm God's Kid Bible Study was developed by the industry's authority, Steven Ingram. 

This plan connects the word of God to healthy living.

The Save God's Kids Manifesto is what we believe and why we believe you should too.

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